At the “Enriching Learning Environments Through Technology” Conference, ECC Economics Professor Leticia Starkov gave a wonderful presentation called, “Enhancing the Learning Process with Internet in the Classroom”. Starkov discussed how her ability to bring in up-to-date information into the classroom has improved dramatically because of the internet. She uses data, news articles, and audio files that she gathers from the web to ground her instruction in current events that have relevance to her students. In addition, she has engaged students by having them research and provide internet sources and has used the internet to gather class data and share that data with other classes and instructors outside of ECC.

It was inspiring to see an instructor helping her students gain information literacy skills and apply those skills to their learning. I commented that a librarian can play a helpful role in aiding an instructor in  integrating internet resources into their instruction. Sometimes I think instructors may not realize how helpful librarian collaboration can be in projects like this. For example, Starkov mentioned that when she asks students to submit their own links to economic data online, many of them come up with links to inaccurate or questionable information. This would be a great point for a librarian to step in and teach students how to evaluate websites and think critically about their information source.

The potential for librarian-faculty on activities such as this is really exciting to me. The question is how do we make more faculty aware of how librarians can help them to create and facilitate activities such as this. After the session ended, two faculty members came up to me and asked how they could collaborate with the library. Starkov gave me a perfect opportunity to promote our services, and I think I’ll keep looking for opportunities in campus-wide forums to remind faculty that we are there to help them too.