As you might imagine from this blog, I have a distinct bias in favor of WordPress, but mostly because of my familiarity with it. I attended an ECC Center for Enhancement of Teaching and Learning workshop a few weeks ago presented by Christian Zehelein on blogging for education. In the workshop, Zehelein recommended both Blogger and WordPress as good free blogs to get you started. I asked him if he felt one was better than the other and he said he wasn’t sure. So I decided to do a little research on my own. I found a Blogger v. Comparison Chart at the blog Pulsed that does a great breakdown of the features of both. One thing I really like about WordPress is the blog stats it tracks for you. With Blogger, you need to use a third party to track stats. For some this would be an advantage, but for me it would just be more work and I’m happy with the stats WordPress offers. In favor of Blogger is the fact that I found embedding non-Youtube online videos much easier, whereas with WordPress, I had to use third party vod-pod in order to embed a simple video. There are plus and minuses to both but I’d feel comfortable using either one for library communication and instruction.