Presenter: Molly Baker, Black Hawk College

Things to tweet about

  • Research/creative activity processs
  • Encourage twitter topics/questions at the beginning/end of class
  • Have students follow an expert in field
  • Post to hashtag to organize by particular topic
  • Have students use phones to tweet during class
  • Search Twitter using Google’s advanced search feature

Using Twitter for Faculty Development

  • Announcements and reminders
  • Themed topics using hashtags
  • Post a Twitter feed to rehash old ideas
  • Tweet tech tips, tutorials, or troubleshooting

Facebook and Education

Presenter: Mary Smith, Educational Technologist at Illinois Valley Community College

  • 400 million active users
  • 50% of active users login daily
  • causes bandwidth issues at colleges
  • 5 billion peices of content each week
  • Example: Northern Illinois University – Teaching and Learning
  • Facebook – doesn’t have a big learning curve like Blackboard – many students already skilled

Why use it

  • Students are already there every day
  • Students are bad at checking course management system for messages
  • 59 % of students at IVCC login to facebook daily
  • Students can access materials from Blackberries and iphones through Facebook, even if they can’t from their course management system
  • Meeting students on their turf
  • A way to provide virtual office hours via instant message


  •  Being friends with students
  • Anything you post to Facebook including instructional materials becomes property of Facebook
  • Some students MySpace or other social network users


  • Creating limited profile
  • Group pages (invitation only)
  • Trillian – can monitor MySpace, Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo, Windows Live, and Twitter accounts from one interface