Spanning the University to Improve Information Literacy e-Instruction

Presenters: Lindsay Miller, Rob Withers, and Eric Resnis, Miami University

Summary: This session was a little disappointing to me because I thought it would more specifically address using online tools to teach info literacy. Instead it was about a campus-wide collaborative project to create online modules to teach students about academic integrity. 

De-emphasized distance ed and online learning

Education about academic integrity
Miami e-Scholar Module

1 to 2 hours
Common framework

Development Team: all librarians

Slow clunky, navigation problems

Series of readings on 5 topics
Self-assessment exercises
Final quiz (must get 15 of 18 questions)
Email certificate of completion

19 students worked with student-led teams
Want and needed student feedback

Minimize the wordiness
Gave feedback

Resistance to mandatory
Overlap with other tutorials
Branding was important

Integrity Quickstart (IQ)
– complement to e-Scholar
– partnered with IT and Student Affairs

Common Craft – In real language

Non-linear, integrates video – free product, very visual, navigation tool

No grade or mechanism to see if student visited the page