Barbara Burd, Dean of Library Services, Coastal Carolina University
Jennifer Shinaberger, Assistant Director of Distance Learning and TEAL, Coastal Carolina University
Tracy Gaskin, Sr. Blackboard Administrator, Coastal Carolina University
Casey Schacher, Reference/Emerging Technologies Librarian, Coastal Carolina University


This presentation talked about the efforts undertaken at Coastal Carolina University to bring together the library, the information technology department, and the instructional technologies department to provide unified service to students, faculty, and staff. They brought their Teaching and Education to Advance Learning Center (comparable to our CETL) into the library. They worked together to educate each other about their roles and what they do. They found it was very helpful to those working with their LMS to know what librarians do because it helped they promote library services and instructions to faculty, and librarians began participating in the faculty trainings. It also helped the individual departments train their student workers to direct frontline questions to the appropriate place.