I was wondering when Learning Management Systems were going to adopt official librarian roles in their systems. I learned at the ACRL 2011 that D2L has added an official librarian role. I couldn’t find information about it on the Desire2Learn site, but according to this Montana State University site, these are the tools librarians have access to within the learning environment:

  • Content – can view content
  • Discussions – can post messages
  • Dropbox – can grade submitted assignments
  • Quizzes – can grade quizzes and and work in question library
  • Classlist – can view classlist
  • Groups – can view groups
  • Chat – can participate in chats
  • Surveys – can view survey reports (if instructor releases them to Librarian role)
  • Checklist – can view checklists

I’m very glad to hear this. I wonder if other LMS will be catching on too.