Cynthia Snyder, Reference/Instruction Librarian, Rollins College
Elizabeth Dolinger, Information Literacy Librarian, Keene State College
Eliza McKnight, Reference Librarian, Bishop’s University
Annie Zeidman-Karpinski, Science & Technical Services Librarian, University of Oregon
Daniel Bromby, Reference Librarian, Bishop’s University

Summary: This session gave some examples of how various campus have embedded librarians into classes on their campus. Most of the examples involved either a weekly credit “research lab” as a mandatory part of the class or as required for credit library class existing on its own. Some of the issues that arose were garnering institutional support, union concern, spreading staff too thin, students not wanting to pay for more classes, and librarians did not get paid more for teaching credit classes. On the plus side, many had faculty who loved it and administrators liked having the library bring in revenue from those classes.