Meghan Sitar, Instruction and Outreach Librarian, University of Texas Libraries
Cindy Fisher, First-year Experience Librarian, University of Texas Libraries
Michele Ostrow, Head, Library Instruction Services, University of Texas Libraries

Summary: I really appreciated this session in that the presenters shared their experience where they agreed to teach information literacy as part of a first-year program but found themselves overcommitted without the additional staff that they were promised so they had to give up some control of teaching information literacy. Instead, they focused on providing faculty with the information and training necessary for them to teach their students information literacy; they became part of the pedagogical process. Challenges include assessing the impact of their efforts and the anxiety that comes with relinquishing control. However, there were benefits such as having information literacy more integrated into the classes and not limited to just a 50 minute session. Also, it allowed for innovative new ways librarians could remain involved in student’s information literacy learning. For example, students in some classes blogged about their information literacy assignments which gave librarians the opportunity to read and comment on their work.