Amazing presentation by Dale Suffrage of Kennesaw State University called Improving the Connection with Online Students: Through Introductory Videos and Weekly Update Videos. I am now very inspired to try using my smart phone to do weekly update videos for the classes I’m embedded in. I think this would be a great way to connect with students.

Intro videos
– connect with the instructor
– get to know your voice
– set stage for text based
– you-specific, not class specific
– sets tone for experience
– visualize
– unique to the person
– talk about hobbies
– ask for something you need on YouTube
– bring out personality
– hold up photos
– doesn’t matter what you say, it matters how you say it
– share personal things that you feel comfortable saying
– short and to the point
– clothing: what says you?
– setting: your co-star
– not in office, around campus is good

Weekly update videos

– replace housekeeping emails
– usually unedited
– natural relaxed conversation
– Romper Room magic mirror
– tangible sense of a personal connection
– most rewarding setting for student to hear name
– iPhone camera
– send to YouTube, unlisted, publish, tell a friend, send to email, 4:22 minutes
– shooting within your life
– record from webcam
– keep it short and to the point!
– don’t put weird tags
– don’t script but do outline
– backlit= bad