Kelley Conrad and Holly Rick from University of Phoenix discussed their project to improve the research and information literacy skills of advance degree students in their presentation Advanced Library Skills Self-Study and Effectiveness for Online Doctoral Students. It was heartening (and alarming!) to know that they struggle with learning the same research strategies our community college online students do. Interesting to hear how much they are able to tackle in a single in-person session with these students.

My Notes:

Doctoral students need better library skills
Can get away with Internet searching first few years
– getting them more involved and trained, more mastery and satisfaction

Pretest, Training, Post-test

Module Library Training

Access and Navigation
– Sage research methods online
– where, what, how to start
– ask a librarian, less than an hour

Advanced Research
-Boolean operators

Scholarly Articles and Popular Works
– peer review

Subject Guides

Evaluation of Sources
-scope, currency, authority, and audience

Organizing Research