I need to check the program for the presenter’s names! A nursing faculty member and nursing instructional designer provided tips for undertaking the challenge of teaching a 250 student class online. I was particularly intrigued because the class they were discussing was a nursing research class. I ask if a librarian was involved with their class and was disappointed to learn that no librarian was involved and that the only library instruction was a video created by faculty. I actually think including a librarian in their class would tremendously lighten in what is a huge undertaking. I did appreciate the design of their class which was very simple and beautiful (and gave very clear links to library resources.)

My Notes:

College of Nursing
250 students
Not Clinical classes
Evidence nursing practice, used to be “nursing research”
Dissect the course
Select technologies
More detailed syllabus
A structured and supported learning environment
Same template in every nursing course

Library tools, APA and Style Guides in main class content
Weekly Guides
Give examples
Use wikis for class project, give step by step guide
Video feedback and suggestions
Interactive activities – survey (anonymous), short papers (short and structured), wiki projects
Adobe connect meeting to walk through process
Online debates – debate topics, pros and cons, databases, debates on the discussion boards, evaluate debate

Video create by faculty for library, no librarian involved in the class

Say goodbye at end of course